We can find the software that your organisation needs to reach it's goals.

Technology can provide undeniable benefits to any organisation, but it needs to align with your business goals and then continue to be the best solution to support your growth strategy.

featurist helps you gather your business and technical requirements, review your current usage and perform market scans or RFP proposals, in order to find the best systems for your organisation.

We will work with you every step of the way through the process of evaluating required functionality, reviewing current usage, gap analysis, selecting applications and reviewing your overall software environment.


Unbiased Independent solutions

We’re completely independent and skilled at helping you navigate through the complex world of evaluating applications and we will also consider the ability for your current applications and integrations to support you better.

Our software solution consulting services help you find the most appropriate solutions to meet your business requirements.
This increases ROI, helps you maintain peak performance, and improves backend functionality

  • Software Selection and Appraisal
    Software Selection and Appraisal

Organisations often find the applications they are using may no longer meet their ongoing functional requirements as they grow or pivot. Outdated technology is expensive to maintain and difficult to integrate with newer platforms.

Determining your business requirements for new software is a complex and involved process that requires specialist skills – as well as time from employees that your organisation may not be able to spare. With numerous vendors to choose from and technologies to consider, decisions are more complex than ever. Applications can no longer work in isolation and are now expected to integrate with other systems.

featurist offers an independent service which can be tailored to include all, or a selection of, the following components as needed;

  • Business & Software functionality requirements gathering
    organise and facilitate workshops and document the results via a formal requirements gathering process.
  • Prepare Business case for Software evaluation
    produce the business case or board approval documentation needed to ensure a clear and concise presentation to your directors.
  • Creation of RFP/RFI or Tender documentation
    create the documents and align them with the legislation and guidelines required by your organisation.
  • Vendor Proposal management
    manage the RFP or Tender interface process with all the respondents and ensure your rules of engagement are followed.
  • Formal response evaluation
    apply weighted scoring to evaluate each respondent’s proposal, ensuring correct emphasis is placed on the required software and vendor capabilities, functionality and price.
  • System/Vendor selection shortlisting summary
    provide a clear and concise summary of all prospective vendors and the software proposed, their relevant scores and the reasons behind the preferred recommendations.
  • System/Vendor selection shortlisting summary
    provide a concise summary of all prospective vendors, software proposed, scores & the reasons behind our recommendations.
  • Project Management for selected system
    ensure the system gets implemented efficiently and correctly.
  • Software Usage Review
    Software Usage Review

Many organisations do not perform regular Software usage monitoring. This can cause them to be paying more for their licences than is needed.

Think about it now – do you have staff in your office with software installed on their computer, which they don’t use? If so, you are losing money right now.

featurist can perform a software usage review, to assist your organisation to reduce your software spend and manage IT projects better.

Fully understanding what your employees are utilising, no matter what size your organisation is, prevents overspending on licenses and opens areas of optimisation – often saving businesses up to 30% of their software spend.

  • Gain full visibility of applications used
  • Know which systems are used and who is using them
  • Negotiate better deals with vendor based on real data
  • Track provisioned vs. purchased license counts
  • Reduce costs and optimise utilisation
  • Improve the onboard and offboarding processe for employees
  • Become aware of unexpected charges and upcoming renewals
  • Identify risky applications and browser extensions
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Based in Brisbane, Australia - working everywhere.