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featurist is proud to announce that we have recently been awarded Platinum Partner status with SharpSpring.

This makes us the first SharpSpring partner in Australia, to reach the Platinum partner level.

SharpSpring has become one of the fastest growing marketing automation software companies in the industry by providing an affordable yet comprehensive suite of marketing automation software tools.

But why does this matter?

Becoming a Platinum partner with SharpSpring simply means that we are recognised as working with many clients, who use the SharpSpring Automation platform. Featurist currently works direct with Clients to ensure they make the most of the system.
We also work with other Media Agencies, who may be SharpSpring partners themselves, to assist them with marketing, tactical and technical advise.

By working with SharpSpring and cleints, featurist has increased our marketing automation expertise and our knowledge of SharpSpring.
Quite often, we know the little tricks and advanced tactics it takes to make the automation platform perform in the way that you want it to.

Being backed up with a Platinum Certification helps our current and future clients to believe that we know what we are doing, and that they are dealing with a credible, experienced partner. Not just someone that has taken up the system in order to get a quick turnaround on finalising a project.
Not only does our certification demonstrate our expertise with the SharpSpring software, but it also shows that we have a continued commitment and investment in understanding marketing automation strategies and the various tools that now exist to offer these services.

Looking for help with SharpSpring in Australia?

We can help your business or agency to implement SharpSpring, or provide training on the platform. Our services also include on-boarding and on-going support of the marketing automation and crm tools within the system, along with full digital marketing guidance.
We may even be able to help with those confusing technical issues, such as integrating native form capture codes, or setting up campaigns correctly.

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